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Challenges of Working from Home (How to Overcome)

Are you a work from home employee? I’m sure you sometimes lose productivity too while working at home. You might find yourself struggling to focus on your work given the fact that it’s hard to separate home duties and work duties when they are located in the same place.

Some might say that “Working from home is easy!”

But no, I’m sorry to say but working remotely is not as easy as it may seem. You can’t avoid the fact that there will be tons of hindrances when it comes to working productively. However, the first step in overcoming them is to identify them first. This why in this article, I’ll identify the most common work from home productivity challenges that employees usually struggle with.

1.   Managing Your Own Schedule and Time

Many work-at-home employees find themselves in trouble as they sometimes oversleep and procrastinate. As they are assured that they do not need to be in a hurry since they are just at home, however, this is the main reason why they usually fail to complete the task or to be timely present at work.

2.   Distractions

It’s hard to focus on your work knowing that you are surrounded by your personal belongings or your family. Sometimes even the smallest noise from your family or from the neighbor can leave you losing focus. Distractions like your books, smartphone, TV, chores, and other things tend to get us distracted from work.

3.   Reduced Supervision & Direction

We dislike being bossed around that’s why we thought that if we work from home, it’ll be much easier for us to handle things without pressure. Though, this might work for some, mostly when employees tend to get less supervision and direction they may feel too carefree or too confused to get the work done.

4.   Internet Connection

This is one of the most common problems of at-home workers. Aside from getting stressed, an unstable connection means you cannot get your work done properly. It can affect our workload and delay us from submitting it on time.

Lastly, working at home is not bad at all. Aside from saving money from commuting to work, you can also save your energy from getting up early in the morning to avoid heavy traffic and you don’t need to worry about your dress code. All kinds of work have their own challenges. And if you are a work from home employee, with awareness and effort you can surely overcome these productivity challenges.

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