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How to Sell Photos Online to Make Money (A Quick Start )

Are you a photography enthusiast who would love to turn your passion into a paying gig? Or a stay-at-home parent photographer who would like to make a side income from your skills? If so, you’re in luck! Here are 4 easy stay at home photography jobs and gigs.

➀ Sell your photos online

Sites like iStockphoto and Shutterstock allow you to upload your images and earn a commission whenever someone buys one of your photos. This is a great way to make some extra cash, and it’s also a great way to get your work seen by a global audience.

➁ Offer your services as a freelance photographer

You can contact local businesses and individuals who may need a photographer for events, product photos, or even headshots. This is a great way to get started in the photography business, and it can be a great way to build your portfolio.

You may also work as a freelance photographer using sites like Upwork or Fiverr. Many firms want images of their items or apparel on models, as well as food or dish stages, so you may be able to get a job this way.

➂ Sell prints

This is where you can basically sell your photographs as posters, gift cards, or postcards.

You may do this online, on sites like Etsy, or by visiting local cafés or restaurants when you’re out and ask if you can put your prints on their walls. Many cafés and restaurants demand artwork, and you’ll need a place to put yours on show, so it’ll benefit both of you, or you might sell it at local craft festivals.

➃ Build your Portrait Photography Business

This might include portraits of families, babies, school groups, or even business headshots.

The convenience of owning a photography business is that you may choose when and how much you work. You could easily take on one client per week on weekends only, then spend the rest of the week editing and delivering the photographs, or you could do newborn photography or corporate headshots while your kids are at school.

The beauty is that you have complete control over what you shoot, when you photograph it, and where you take pictures of it!

What skills should I have to grab a chance with stay at home photography jobs?

In order to be a successful photographer, you will need to have a strong technical understanding of photography, as well as a good eye for aesthetics. You will need to be able to use a variety of different software programs to edit your photos, as well as have a strong understanding of composition and lighting. Additionally, it is important to be able to communicate well with clients and to have strong people skills.

What tools will I need in order to get started with stay at home photography jobs and gigs?

There are a few essential tools that every photographer needs in order to do their job properly. Of course, the most important tool is a camera, but there are a few other items that are also essential. Here is a basic list of the top tools that every photographer needs:

  1. Camera – This is, of course, the most important tool for a photographer. Without a camera, you can’t take photos! Make sure to invest in a good quality camera that will suit your specific needs.
  2. Lens – A good quality lens is also essential for taking great photos. Depending on the type of photography you do, you will need different lenses. Make sure to invest in a few good quality lenses that will allow you to capture the photos you want.
  3. Tripod – A tripod is a great tool for taking sharp, clear photos. If you do a lot of low-light or night photography, a tripod is a must-have.
  4. Laptop – This is where you will upload, edit and sell your photos online.
  5. Printer – At times, you may need to print some photos for your client.

How to practice your photography at home:

✔️ One good idea would be to practice macro. If you have a small garden or a huge backyard, walk around to find fascinating objects such as bugs, insects and plants to photograph. Try the reverse lens macro technique!

✔️ Set up and photograph a still life with items you have around the home. This could be furniture, shoes and apparels. Even kitchenware and bathroom items!

✔️ Learn and practice food photography. Food photography is often done in studios, but can also be done in any location such as your home!

One of the most important aspects of food photography is lighting. The right lighting can make a dish look more appetizing and can help to highlight the textures and colors of the food. Natural lighting is often used for food photography, but artificial lighting can be used as well.

Another important aspect of food photography is composition. The composition of a food photograph can make a big difference in how appealing it is.

✔️ If you have a suitable subject for photos at home, experiment with different lighting approaches to produce stunning photographs.

✔️ Try water and oil drop photos. The photographer must be very quick to take the photo at the right moment, as the water droplet will only be in the frame for a split second. This type of photography can be quite challenging, but the results can be very beautiful and unique.

So this wraps up our tips and tricks on stay at home photography jobs you can start as soon as today!

It is a waste of time to spend time doing nothing. You are all aware of this. So take out your camera and start shooting. Every time you do it, you will learn something new, acquire experience, and improve. All you need is the motivation to get started.

In just a few days, you’ll notice the changes and benefits. Then you’ll be thanking yourself for not being lazy and continuing to work on improving your photography skills while devoting quality time to your hobby and even making money at home!