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How to Make Money As A Stay at Home Mom (10 Easy Ways)

Working mothers are the norm, not the exception. Making money while raising a family necessitates work that fits their hectic schedule. With that being said, many mothers are looking for careers that would allow them to work from home. Hence, we have compiled a list of ideas on how to make money being a stay at home mom.

70% of mothers with children under the age of 18 work and more than 70% of those mothers work full-time. In fact, in 74% of U.S. households with children under the age of 18, mothers are the primary or single breadwinner. With the power of the internet, it is now easier than ever for moms to earn while staying at home and being able to take good care of her family.

So without further ado, let’s jump into the list we have specifically compiled especially for moms. While the bulk of these proposals involve access to a computer and the internet, the majority of them have minimal to no startup expenses and require little to no formal education or further schooling.


Stay-at-home parents might earn extra money by watching children, either formally or informally. It’s a reasonably straightforward chore to add a few more children when you’re already at home with them. Some people babysit their friends and family on occasion, while others manage official, licensed childcare centers from their homes.


Typically, moms love to cook especially for her family. Then why not cook and sell too! It’s a relatively good business idea. Talented cooks and bakers may earn by offering their delectable treats at parties or a la carte. If you enjoy cooking or baking, consider selling your goods online or at a local store. Work-from-home jobs in the food industry include:

🌸 Catering or food packages

🌸 Baking cakes and pastries

🌸 Cake designing


Illustrators, painters, and graphic designers may earn additional money at home by creating and selling artwork alongside their children. In this sector, you may create logos for firms or make bespoke scrapbooks or diaries. Consider one of these jobs if you’re a talented artist:

🌸 Crafter

🌸 Scrapbooker

🌸 Journal designer

🌸 Graphic designer

🌸 Printable designer

🌸 Infographic designer


Former teachers might choose from a range of work-from-home opportunities. If you’re an expert in an area like music or painting, you can teach kids how to execute that ability even if you’re not a certified educator. Online learning and tutoring are growing increasingly popular, making it easier than ever to access solely digital options. You might also offer courses, homework assistance, or formal tutoring from your house. Take a look at this list of fantastic educational opportunities:

🌸 Online teacher

🌸 Art teacher

🌸 Music teacher

🌸 Dance teacher

🌸 Course creator


You can work in a range of money and finance-related jobs if you had financial background or a strong sense of numbers. Some jobs, such as accountant and bookkeeper, are appealing if you want to work for a firm part- or full-time, while investing is ideal for individuals who want to work for themselves:

🌸 Accountant

🌸 Bookkeeper

🌸 Investor

🌸 Stocks, Forex and/or Cryptocurrency Trader


Many IT and computer-related jobs may be completed remotely. Explore into one of these great work from home options if you have expertise designing websites, coding, or dealing with social media. Some firms recruit remote workers for professions such as programmer and coder, while others provide fantastic freelance opportunities:

🌸 Coder

🌸 Programmer

🌸 Website designer

🌸 Video editor

🌸 Social media evaluator

🌸 Webinar presenter

🌸 Online video channel

🌸 Online community manager


For many stay-at-home parents, writing is a perfect job. You may get freelance, part-time, or full-time work in a range of industries if you have good writing, editing, or proofreading abilities. Some authors prefer to write their own material and self-publish e-books or hardcover books on various internet platforms. If you have this talent, pursue one of the following writing jobs:

🌸 Blogger

🌸 Author

🌸 Proofreader

🌸 Content writer

🌸 Recipe writer

🌸 Copywriter

🌸 Ghostwriter

🌸 Newspaper columnist

🌸 Virtual tutor

🌸 Copy editor

🌸 Resume writer


A from-home coaching company may be quite profitable for women who have a knack for leadership and training. Coaches are popular among those seeking business and personal advice. If you have the necessary talents, choose one of the following jobs:

🌸 Parenting coach

🌸 Life coach


Online selling or in person is a simple method to supplement your income. Look around your house for items you no longer need and sell them online, or start a company refurbishing items and selling them for a profit. For stay-at-home moms, commerce career opportunities abound:

🌸 Flipper

🌸 E-commerce owner

🌸 Online bookseller

🌸 Stock image seller

🌸 Market tester


You may use a number of specialized industries to develop your own business if you’re an entrepreneurial parent. With the use of a website and a cell phone, jobs like wedding planning and party organizing are simple to undertake from home. Others, like as hairdressing or photography, may need clients to visit you at home. You may monetize your education and experience regardless of your skill set.

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And this wraps up our list on how to make money being a stay at home mom. We hope you enjoyed and learned a lot from it!

If you have any questions or want to leave your comments, we’d love to hear from you!