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Using Music for Productivity (Scientifically Proven Facts)

We know for a fact that music is a determining factor for mood, but what about productivity? Many people actually use music to gain more focus at work, I do it! I tune in to my playlist before I do my thing!

While we are doing work or a task, normally there’s an intermittent background noise bothering us which hinders us from getting through what we are doing. Every time a noise such as the barking of the dogs, cuckooing of the chickens, or a conversation from outside distracts you, your brain undergoes a slight disconnection from your task and you will again need a couple of seconds and even at times, it can take a few minutes to re-engage and proceed with the work from the point where you had left.

The idea that music can aid productivity in the workplace is in fact not as new as you or many would have imagined. Did you know that in 1940, the BBC launched a weekday radio program broadcasting twice a day, Music While You Work, with the objective to increase factory workers’ productivity? The show panned out that for a while there was even a third edition, airing later in the evening and particularly targeted the night shift workers. The scheme altogether ran for an astounding 27 years, finally being retired in 1967.

Are you also familiar with the “”Mozart Effect“? The original 1993 study recorded a 15-minute-boosting on the performance of particular tasks called spatial reasoning. It was later argued though and turns out that the Mozart effect was mostly bogus.

A newer study wherein 56 software engineers were monitored as they worked in silence in comparison with working while listening to different types of music. It resulted in an increase in both mood and work quality with music rather than with silence therefore, it was concluded that the programmers were happier (just like the original Mozart Effect) and more productive with music while working.

No matter how music affects productivity, the results of newer studies have been more coherent than the ’90s Mozart Effect. A little study found a better mood and an increase in concentration on a reading task while listening to Baroque music. Another study found greater productivity and higher output from background music while performing a mundane task.

Lastly, scientific studies also state that when we listen to melodic sounds, it helps to accelerate the release of dopamine in our brains, resulting in a eudaemonia thus following greater ideas and higher productivity.